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GlobalCenter - Power and Redundancy

Power and Cooling


The site is equipped with dual 500kVA backup generators with 35 hours of diesel fuel at full load.

GlobalCenter has negotiated priority fuel supply contracts with multiple vendors for prompt refueling. The Generator system supplies power to the critical building system in the event of an extended power outage.

The data floor is supplied power via 3 x 150kVA Thycon NBPS units to multiple floor distribution boards.

All 45ru racks/cabinets are powered with 20-outlet power rails and can be fed from two separate power distribution boards with the addition of a second 20-outlet power rail, to facilitate servers equipped with redundant power supplies.

You can be reassured that the room conditions your equipment is housed in will be adequately cooled by our state of the art process cooling units.

The units are strategically positioned around the data areas to provide the most effective and efficient cooling; room conditions are kept at 20°c and 50% humidity.

All areas have redundancy built in to the cooling capacity in the event of a process cooler failure; room temperatures, humidity and equipment alarms are all monitored by our building automations system located in our manned Network Operations Centre (NOC).

The conditioned air is dual filtered once upon entering the building and then continually re-filtered by the process coolers.