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GlobalCenter - ticketing solutions

Physical Security


GlobalCenter provides multi-layered security, ensuring your equipment is kept physically secure at all times. The buildings location is in South Melbourne, close to the CBD, yet separate and inconspicuous.


CCTV cameras are strategically located throughout the facility, recording 24x7x365. Access to secure areas is via swipe card, authorised by our computerised access-control system. On site security guards provide the next level of security. No visitor will be allowed access to the facility unless our client has given prior authorisation and without satisfactory proof of identity.

On-site tracking

GlobalCenter systems track the location of on-site visitors and personnel through our swipe-card access-control system. All doors are electronically locked, and in the event of a security emergency all doors can be locked out.

Server location

Our escorted data area contains industry standard 19" racks for housing customer equipment. Visitors to this area are escorted at all times. The next level of security is lockable cabinets, providing peace of mind to the customer that no one can gain access to their equipment. Finally the highest level of physical security is within a secure caged area. Open racks and/or lockable cabinets can be placed within a cage for utmost security and peace of mind.