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GlobalCenter - Monitoring


GlobalCenter Stormwatch

GlobalCenter use a custom written software application called "Stormwatch" to monitor customers Internet hosts, websites and network infrastructure. Stormwatch checks a predefined list of hosts approximately every minute, to ensure the hosts are responding accordingly.

Stormwatch presents alarms as they are raised (once a host has failed 3 consecutive checks) on a screen in the GlobalCenter Network Operations Centre (NOC). Stormwatch is monitored by our onsite NOC technician's 24 hours a day, everyday of the year.

When a customers alarm is raised, the NOC technician refers to the customer's predefined procedures for that host, and follows the procedure accordingly. If prior arrangements have been put in place with GlobalCenter, our NOC can act as level 1 support for your equipment, performing initial troubleshooting to get your equipment back up and running. All work is documented in our custom written ticketing software, and provided to you for reference purposes upon request.

Stormwatch also sends automated emails to the client when an alarm is raised, and again when the alarm has cleared. This provides a way for the client to track in realtime which hosts may be unresponsive to the automated checks.