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GlobalCenter - Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Fire Detection / Suppression:

The data centre is manned 24 hours a day 365 days per year by our fully trained staff, which constantly monitors the fire detection and other building systems at GlobalCenter.

GlobalCenter's philosophy on providing fire protection for our customer equipment was to provide fire suppression that would not cause any collateral damage to the equipment we were trying to protect. Therefore we went to the extra cost to provide FM200 fire suppressant systems to our data floors, unlike some of our competitors.

GlobalCenter's IDC is protected with a fully automatic dual-alarmed FM 200 fire suppression system.
The FM 200 system is armed and deployed with a dual zone photoelectric smoke detection system mounted both on the ceiling and in the cool air plenums throughout the data centre.

The data centre also utilises the state of the art Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), which uses laser technology to sample the air and provides the earliest possible warning of a potential fire situation.

The VESDA system will warn our onsite staff who will investigate the cause of the alarm and will deal with any potential trouble spot using one of the multiple hand held gas fire suppression extinguishers or by manually activating the FM200 system.

As with all GlobalCenter's building infrastructure the fire systems are maintained to Australian standards and by third party specialist contractors.