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24 June 2003 - Additional Service (Secondary MX) available for GlobalCenter Clients

Understanding the heavy reliance we all have on email communications and following recent feedback received from our valued client base, we are pleased to advise that our technical staff have recently set up a secondary mail server located in our IDC which can perform the following:-

1 - Secondary MX service - If your primary mail server for a domain dies or can't respond to SMTP then our mail server will accept and store email for that domain until the primary comes backup.

2 - Relay - We can configure our mail server to relay mail for 'allowed' clients. We effectively become your SMTP gateway (aka smarthost).

3 - SMTP gateway inbound - We can receive mail for a specified domain and forward it on another mail server.

4 - Mail Forwarding - i.e, If you host, we can forward any mail destined for a user in that domain onto another user in another domain

eg: -->

Should these services be of interest to your company or clients located within our facility, we suggest you contact your Account Manager or to discuss suitability and pricing.

Our company prides itself on being responsive and scalable to cater for the ever-changing needs of our client base with its premium offerings. Should you wish to outsource your IT needs, do not hesitate to ask us for our competitively priced solutions.

Tony Wells
General Manager - IDC



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