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15 June 2005 - Datacom buys GlobalCenter building for $7.15 million

Sydney, Aust. 15th June 2005: Datacom Systems (Datacom) today announces it has purchased the building housing its South Melbourne data centre, GlobalCenter. The $7.15 million buy was made at auction last week, completing Datacom's acquisition of GlobalCenter, which began in September 2004 with its purchase of the internet data centres' operations.

In the nine months since September 2004, Datacom has spent over $1 million upgrading GlobalCenter's existing data centre infrastructure. Moreover, in the next 12 months Datacom will invest a further $1.2 million in additional generators, uninterrupted power supplies and air conditioning facilities to strengthen GlobalCenter's redundancy capabilities.

Michael Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Datacom, comments that investing in the 4,350 square metre GlobalCenter building further augments Datacom's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning value proposition.

"The purchase of the GlobalCenter building is consistent with our strategy to have absolute control of our data centre conditions through ownership of our data centre facilities. Owning the real estate gives us a logical platform for our ongoing investment in the systems, support and technology services we offer the Victorian market through GlobalCenter."

"Given our significant investment in GlobalCenter's infrastructure to date, it was commonsense for us to purchase the building when it became available."

"This capital asset outlay enables us to continue to provide a gold-plated service to our Victorian clients. It is a true sign of our commitment to the Australian market and our growing base of Victorian customers."

Michael Browne
Datacom Systems


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